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6 Jul  Craving some supplì al telefono (rice balls with tomato sauce and mozzarella)?

By mami  In Fried
You can go out into the city, walking in the historical centre of Rome and come by at Pizza Mami. You’ll find handmade supplì al telefono (rice balls with tomato sauce and gooey “phone cord like” mozzarella). Big, crispy, expressly cooked and with a nice chunk of gooey mozzarella, as dictated by Roman traditions. In […]

4 May  Is Pizza a star?

By mami  In Pizzas
The typical dishes of a nation are many which, through time, become so well known and appreciated that are considered international. Among the Italian ones the most famous, for example, apart from pasta, is pizza. Originally from Naples, it has become famous in the world with lots of variation in taste and shape. Pizza and […]

27 Apr  Artistic treasures to discover

By mami  In Curiosities
Pizza MAMI is surrounded by countless art masterpieces that make Rome unique. While tasting our sliced pizza, you’ll have the opportunity to witness them, and you could discover some of the hidden treasures that will quench your curiosity and passion for art. San Luigi ai Francesi church Not far from Pizza MAMI there is the […]