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11 Apr  The secrets of home made pizza

By mami  In Pizzas
How many of you remember the hot summer nights of the weekends or the winter nights in the warmth of your home while eating pizza prepared by your mum or your granny? If still to this day it happens to smell that indulgent aroma of a just baked pizza, we could close our eyes and […]

30 Jan  A craving for pizza, a thirst for knowledge

By mami  In Curiosities
Pizza MAMI is in the heart of Rome, a few steps away from the historical Piazza Navona and the Chiostro del Bramante. It takes time and attention to let these monumental beauties sink into you, so a tasty take away pizza can be a great way to quench the thirst of your eyes and gusto. […]

19 Jan  Baccalà (salted cod) and stockfish: the differences

By mami  In Fried
If you’re in Rome and you don’t taste a fried baccalà fillet, you’re missing out! The regional Italian cuisine is rich in traditional recipes based on salted cod. Let’s take an example: the baccalà alla livornese (fried and cooked in tomato sauce), vicentina style (cooked in many ways and often accompanied by polenta), molisana style […]