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10 Jan  Alternative flours to wheat flour

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Thinking about the main ingredients of pizza and of other baked goods, the classic wheat flour springs into mind for its optimal yield. Actually, there are other kinds of cereal with better nutritional values than traditional wheat, that behave well in the preparation of tasty and nutritious baked goods. Khorasan wheat Let’s take the example […]

2 Jan  The Italian beer and pizza

By mami  In Beers
The beer and pizza coupling, in the collective consciousness, especially in Italy, is a classic, even though recently, according to some research, the historical pop pairing is swaying or, actually, is revamping based on new lifestyles. Anyway, this decades-long love was not born out of simple chance.

26 Dec  Rome and pizza

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Now we can consider pizza as a global dish, but it is well known that its origins are Italian. In the capital, the pizza is born after WWII, 200 years later than the neapolitan pizza, and it is appreciated all over Italy in all its variety. Generically, when it comes to roman pizza, we think of a very thin dough that, after being cooked in a wood oven, will become very crispy.