Pizza Mami

About Us

Variety and abundance: nothing is left to chance at MAMI’s. The 48 hours rising, season’s products, exclusive dough with vegetable carbon, use of Khorasan grain or buckwheat qualify MAMI’s pizza as an outstanding product, manufactured in the furrow of Italy’s best cooking tradition. As in all handcrafted products, variety is a value to be preserved.

We’re not talking only about pizza: MAMI wishes to tickle your palate with many savoury snacks: stuffed calzones, tasty buns, titbits, “flutes”, small eggplant parmigianas, delicious stuffed focaccia bread, our exclusive “tulips” amatriciana or carbonara style, and many other delicacies all yours to discover. Deep fries are also strictly homemade and worth tasting (arancini, supplì, potato croquettes, artichokes, zucchini, codfish filets and zucchini flowers). We use peanut oil, and all ingredients are fresh and premium quality. Tradition demands that good food be accompanied by special beverages. This is why MAMI offers a range of excellent Italian and international beers as well as craft beer. Those who don’t like beer may choose among a variety of fruit juices and the famous Italian soft drinks produced by Paoletti: lemonade, spuma, citron juice, lemon soda, chinotto and orangeade.


In the heart of Rome just a stone’s throw away from historical Piazza Navona and the Chiostro del Bramante
this is the place to enjoy a very special takeaway pizza.

When you enter MAMI, the fragrance and colours of our fabulous pizzas, together with paper cones filled with crisp deep fries
take us back to those days when we couldn’t wait to get our slice of pizza right from Mom’s oven.
The most enjoyable sensation of handmade products, cooked with MAMI’s care and experience, is something you can’t miss.