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4 May  Is Pizza a star?

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The typical dishes of a nation are many which, through time, become so well known and appreciated that are considered international. Among the Italian ones the most famous, for example, apart from pasta, is pizza. Originally from Naples, it has become famous in the world with lots of variation in taste and shape.

Pizza and VIPs

We Italians do eat a lot of pizza in our diet, as a main meal or as a snack, getting a slice of it, maybe accompanied by a rice supplì. Who can resist to such temptation? And is it that much appreciated abroad? In this article, we are going deep into this topic with a bit of gossip from the world of the stars. If you do a quick search on the internet, so many famous people, such as Sophia Loren and Hollywood stars such as Julia Roberts, who has shot some scenes of her film “Eat, Pray and Love” in an Italian pizzeria, have been photographed with some pizza. Also other famous stars such as Meryl Streep, Paris Hilton and Sarah Jessica Parker love this dish.

How does a famous person eat pizza?

Amog the pictures you can find on the Internet, often you’ll finds some funny pictures and draws the attention of gossip lovers. Think about the picture of President Donald Trump eating a slice of pizza starting from the crust. Or all the pictures of singer Miley Cyrus, photoshopped or not, that portray her covered in pizza slices. According to the web, the singer is really obsessed by pizza. Even New York’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, didn’t get away from gossip when he was caught while eating pizza using a knife and fork.

Pizza curiosities

Some might say, in the end, that some pictures having stars eating pizza doesn’t show that this typical Italian dish is really well known and loved by lots of people. For the pedantic, we’ve found some curiosities that will probably change your mind. One of these is about a famous Neapolitan pizza master, Gino Sorbillo, that to mourn Steve Jobs’ death in 2011, he decided to bake a special pizza, in the shape of Apple’s famous logo. And if that’s not enough, on the web you can find someone who gathered a wide range of famous songs and revisited them so pizza would become its main subject. We have listened to them and they’re very funny! It’s well known that technology lets you do everything, we’ll leave you the task of understanding whether those are the original voices of the singers or not.

In conclusion, we can say that very few people in the world haven’t tasted a good slice of pizza, and VIPs are not an exception!

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