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6 Jul  Craving some supplì al telefono (rice balls with tomato sauce and mozzarella)?

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You can go out into the city, walking in the historical centre of Rome and come by at Pizza Mami. You’ll find handmade supplì al telefono (rice balls with tomato sauce and gooey “phone cord like” mozzarella). Big, crispy, expressly cooked and with a nice chunk of gooey mozzarella, as dictated by Roman traditions. In […]

19 Jan  Baccalà (salted cod) and stockfish: the differences

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If you’re in Rome and you don’t taste a fried baccalà fillet, you’re missing out! The regional Italian cuisine is rich in traditional recipes based on salted cod. Let’s take an example: the baccalà alla livornese (fried and cooked in tomato sauce), vicentina style (cooked in many ways and often accompanied by polenta), molisana style […]