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14 Aug  Pizza cheeses other than mozzarella

By mami  In Pizzas
Other than the classic mozzarella or buffalo mozzarella, pizza can be topped with other ingredients. To those who love to diversify and prefer stronger flavours, pizza Mami offers a series of alternatives to the classic margherita or napoli pizza. For example, we use taleggio or gorgonzola, smoked provola and pecorino or parmesan. We are going […]

4 May  Is Pizza a star?

By mami  In Pizzas
The typical dishes of a nation are many which, through time, become so well known and appreciated that are considered international. Among the Italian ones the most famous, for example, apart from pasta, is pizza. Originally from Naples, it has become famous in the world with lots of variation in taste and shape. Pizza and […]

11 Apr  The secrets of home made pizza

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How many of you remember the hot summer nights of the weekends or the winter nights in the warmth of your home while eating pizza prepared by your mum or your granny? If still to this day it happens to smell that indulgent aroma of a just baked pizza, we could close our eyes and […]