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In this summer with tropical temperatures, the 40th Estate Romana (Roman Summer) takes place until September 30th. This event has filled the Eternal City with a series of concerts and other events for the last few years, making it even more fascinating. In every municipality there are art, science, and culture exhibitions. Moreover, from this […]

3 Aug  Why MAMI?

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Once upon a time, there was a middle-class area in Rome in the 70s, one of those areas with tree-lined roads, early-1900s buildings, workshops and delicatessens. I used to live there, on the fourth floor of an enormous building between the farmer’s market and the best bakery shop in the area. MAMI’s story was born […]

27 Apr  Artistic treasures to discover

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Pizza MAMI is surrounded by countless art masterpieces that make Rome unique. While tasting our sliced pizza, you’ll have the opportunity to witness them, and you could discover some of the hidden treasures that will quench your curiosity and passion for art. San Luigi ai Francesi church Not far from Pizza MAMI there is the […]