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27 Apr  Artistic treasures to discover

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Pizza MAMI is surrounded by countless art masterpieces that make Rome unique. While tasting our sliced pizza, you’ll have the opportunity to witness them, and you could discover some of the hidden treasures that will quench your curiosity and passion for art.

San Luigi ai Francesi church

Not far from Pizza MAMI there is the San Luigi ai Francesi church, one of the jewel of the baroque art in Rome. The church, commissioned by Giulio dei Medici (who would become Pope Clement VII), was built between 1581 and 1589 based on a project of Giacomo della Porta.

The art pieces featured inside the church and on its facade show the important personalities and saints of France, glorifying it. In the late-Renaissance facade, put into niches, you can see the statues of Charlemagne, Saint Louis, Saint Clotilde, and Saint John of Valois.

The inside is divided into three aisles, on the sides there are 5 chapels and in the center a dense cloister decorated with marble. The chapels feature some of pieces by famous artists such as Domenichino, of whom fresco “Stories of Santa Cecilia” is kept in the second chapel of the right aisle.

The Cappella Contarelli is worth mentioning, for it features three famous and evocative paintings by Caravaggio: “Saint Matthew’s Martyr”, “Saint Matthew’s Vocation” and “Saint Matthew and the angel”.

The three paintings have a particular beauty and looks, typical of the great artist, and represent a change in his style. The dark background envelopes the entire scene of the “Martyr”, for example, will be a constant feature on all his future works. In this painting you can see the face of the artist, as it happens in many of his works.

In the “Vocation”, the dominant element is the ray of light, coming from a hidden window, that symbolizes the light of God. The drama of Caravaggio’s painting technique (expression of a turbulent life and of his moody and violent temperament), manifests in the alternation between lightness and darkness, that will be more and more present in his later works.

Not very distant from the church, you’ll find the Pantheon, the only intact Roman building. Before getting there, if you don’t want to waste your time sitting at a restaurant, you can come to pizza MAMI to taste our fried food (supplì, arancini, croquettes, zucchini flowers, salted cod fillets, artichokes and zucchini) and our tasty take away pizza.


Between the year 25 and 27 BC, Agrippa commissioned the building of the Pantheon as a temple dedicated to the 12 gods and to the living sovereign. Between the year 118 and 125 AD it was radically rebuilt, thanks to Adriano.

In 608, the temple was officially converted to Christianity under the name of Santa Maria ad Martyres, when Pope Boniface IV ordered to put the remains of many Christian martyrs present in the catacombs.

Today it is possible to have a look at the majestic ceiling by standing in the middle of it and looking up. From the outside, you can see its facade sitting comfortably at the base of the fountain fonud in front of this majestic building, in Piazza della Rotonda, and you can do that tasting one of the take away delicacies of Pizza Mami.

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