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2 Jan  The Italian beer and pizza

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The beer and pizza coupling, in the collective consciousness, especially in Italy, is a classic, even though recently, according to some research, the historical pop pairing is swaying or, actually, is revamping based on new lifestyles. Anyway, this decades-long love was not born out of simple chance. In Italy in the 50s, pizzerias couldn’t sell alcoholic beverages with a high alcohol content, and the threshold imposed by the laws was rarely exceeded by beers. For this, and their low cost, they muscled in as an alcoholic alternative to water and all the soda drinks that were starting to catch on during those years.
Today the amount of products from the national and international market, traditional or alternative, industrial or craft, is huge.

Italian beers

If we talk about industrial beers, there are tens of brands of national beer, from the unmissable and diffused Peroni, to Moretti, Dreher, Forst, Poretti, all with different qualities and variants. For example, Pizza MAMI has chosen as made in Italy beers to pair with its pizzas and fried foods, beers such as Peroni, Menabrea and Ichnusa, which have a good quality/price ratio and numerous possibilities of pairing.

Italian craft beers

In the last 15 years, the Italian beer artisans asserted themselves, both at European level, entering into the EBCU (European Beer Consumer Union), and at international level. At the “Great British Beer Festival of London”, the temple of high quality beer, the Italian craft beer has gotten great results since the very first attendance. Today we can say that a new class of craft breweries is growing thanks to the success in the early 2000s. Among the made in Italy craft beers chosen by Giuseppe Cavicchia for pizzeria MAMI you can find: Extraomnes Tripel, Almond22 Rude & Funky, Birradamare ‘na Biretta, Birradamare Shock, Birrificio Rurale 3° Miglio, Birrificio Pontino Runnerale, Birra del Borgo Re Ale, Birra del Borgo Duchessa.

When such an array of pizzas, fried food and delicacies unfolds before your eyes, the choice of a good beer is required. And if you are an enthusiast, sipping a good Italian or international craft beer, is an everyday rite at via della Pace 27/A

Prices and beer brands that can be found at MAMI

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